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Cutaneous fat plays an essential role, since it regulates body temperature. However when the body accumulates more sebum than it should, more adipose tissue as well as fluid is formed in areas of the body such as the butts or abdomen. Cellulite is the result of this storage and is displayed in the form of unsightly dimples in the outer layer of the skin. It impacts a high percentage of women, but men also struggle with it. If you select our specialist aesthetical medicines and also treatment in Clinique Chloé, our experts ensure to leave you the very best impact. Combat and prevent cellulite involves directly attacking the factors that cause it and also prevent them from reappearing.

Hormonal production above normal is closely linked to cellulite. Puberty, pregnancy or the use of contraceptives increases the number of estrogens that stimulate the accumulation of fluids and toxins in the tissues. There is a genetic predisposition to cellulite. Women with a family history of obesity and cellulite are more predisposed to experience excess fluid as well as fat retention. Sedentary causes cellulite, as does stress and also lack of sleep. The accumulated tension worsens the circulation with the consequent loss of blood flow that prevents the elimination of waste materials. The intake of some medications and also the use of tight clothing also favor the appearance of unsightly dimples.

A diet low in fiber and rich in carbohydrates as well as lipids favors the appearance as well as persistence of cellulite. It is vital to follow a balanced food plan, and composed of nutritional substances free of processed fats as well as sugars, and important to reduce salt intake. Our specialists recommend a diet composed of proteins, such as lean meats which force the body to remove fat cells. We also recommend foods rich in iron such as lentils since they favor the transport of blood oxygen. Vitamin C is important to encounter cellulite as it normally enhances the tissues strengthening of blood vessels and accelerates the process of collagen formation. Bluefish and mollusks rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, repair damaged fat cells and also help improve the elasticity of the skin. Potassium which is found in large doses in nuts stimulates the natural lymphatic drainage of the skin.

Edematous Cellulitis is a type of cellulite that along with 'orange peel' presents edema or fluid retention. It is more visible in women between 20 as well as 40 years old. The manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that favors the functioning of the lymphatic system, helping it to its natural drainage. The method consists of really gentle maneuvers that make it possible to restore the correct circulation of fluids. Soft Cellulitis is really common among women of all ages. It is characterized by its extreme flaccidity. It lies on the thighs and buttocks, the tissue is not consistent. It is quickly handled and also produces a feeling of heaviness. It is very common among women aged 40-50 years who do not exercise as well as have strict diets.
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